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Monday, April 20, 2009

a pattern?

One year ago this week, I was doing all of the same things I'm doing this week except instead of preparing for a baby I was preparing for our wedding.

Tonight I worked the Etiquette Dinner that I've been planning and tomorrow night I'll do the same thing. On Thursday and Friday I'll be working on our big golf tournament and kick off party. Last year, I was doing the same exact thing except I was stressed for different reasons.

I had butterflies in my stomach about all the events I was working on and the biggest event of my life: our wedding! I was juggling phone calls with our caterer, the contact at the chapel, and the people at the golf course. I was so worried that something was going to fall through the cracks-- and nothing did. I was worried about everything I ate because I needed to fit into my size 4 wedding dress. I was excited about seeing all of my best friends in one location! I was so excited about our Maui honeymoon and couldn't wait to get some sun and spend time with my new husband.

This week I'm juggling doctor's appointments, furniture deliveries, a 5 pound baby that kicks all the time, clothes that don't fit, and conversations with the golf course and 48 student volunteers. I'm worried about everything I eat because I want to satisfy my strong hunger, but keep my little boy healthy. I'm excited about meeting my son for the first time and spending an extended period of time with my parents when they come out to meet the baby. I'm really looking forward to our anniversary trip to Savannah and then our post-baby getaway with my extended family.

History shows that spring is obviously a really busy time for me. I wonder what major life event I'll be experiencing at this time next year. What is in store for 2010?

Todd, mom, and dad, if you're reading this, don't worry. I'm not going to come up with something just to keep things interesting in 2010. I think a "year off" will do us some good.

Totally unrelated, please look at the adorable stationery that arrived today from Ashley Brooke Designs! After the baby comes, I'll debut the version with his name on it! I'm so excited about it. I can't wait to start writing baby shower thank you notes on these! (Isn't Fiona just the cutest thing?)