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Sunday, May 17, 2009

holy prom photo, Batman!

I was going through some old boxes yesterday looking for books from my childhood to add to the baby's library when I found some fun old pictures. I had to pull this one in particular out because you may recognize a few other bloggers in it.

This is a photo of my friends and me at our senior prom ("Take My Breath Away" was the theme-- horrible, right?) in March or April of 2000. Nine whole years ago. Not possible. 

The dress that I'm wearing was really wonderful and I ended up wearing it again for something after college because it is so timeless. Too bad you can't really see it in this picture. Like my wedding dress, it is in a box where it is being preserved under our guest bedroom bed. 

Serving as the "bookends" for this picture, are me on the left and Ms. Nonsense on the far right. My hair was pretty short back then and I was in the process of growing it out.

In the background, in the lovely raspberry dress is Practically Perfect and next to her (standing, left) in the pretty coral dress is Mrs. H