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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a year is long enough

A year ago this week we returned from our fabulous honeymoon on Maui. We both returned to work and got back into the swing of things. I always had a long list of housekeeping type things in my head that I needed to do now that I was married: get new driver's license, change name at social security office, change name at bank, get joint accounts, change name on insurance.

Over the past year I've gradually taken care a few of these tasks. I keep telling Todd that I'll do them sooner and without complaint if he'll come with me and just sit there. You know, since he married me and all. I am taking his name. 

I was allowed to change my name at the DMV without changing it at social security first. My doctor's office, though, won't change my name until I change it at social security and change it with benefits at work so as to avoid confusion. This is where Todd is upset and concerned. The baby's birth certificate (which should be filled out in about 3 weeks) will show that we have two different last names and he's not okay with that.

So, I am taking actual leave from my job today and braving the smelly social security office-- with all necessary documents in hand. I hope. And Purell in hand. Blech. If I'm catching Swine Flu that's where it's going to happen. So, dear friends, at the end of today I will officially be Mrs. Todd Carroll. And I promise I won't still be mad that I spent most of my day at the social security office.

Anyone else been married a year and still hasn't changed her name?