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Friday, May 08, 2009

happy mother's day, KK!

I can't tell you the last time I saw my mom on Mother's Day. It always makes me a little sad that I don't ever get to celebrate my love and appreciation for her in person because we live so far apart.

This Mother's Day she and my dad are on an Alaskan Cruise and then going to Los Angeles for a couple of days. Must be nice!

We have always had a very special relationship and I can see a lot of her in me. I can also see a lot of my dad in me. I remember a big argument that we had back when I was in high school and I asked her why she couldn't just be my friend. Her response was, "Because I'm your mother. I'm not here to be your friend." And she was right at the time.

But now things are completely different. I go to her with everything and she is my best friend. I still need advice and I ask her. If it's decorating advice or relationship advice, I go to her. She is an amazing woman of God and I learn from her every day. Her patience and desire to give and provide for everyone she comes in contact with are truly inspirational.

She is the first person I call when something funny happens or I'm upset about something that happened at work. I know she's always going to listen and because we're so similar, she's going to give me a response that either makes me laugh or gets me fired up! I'm sure she is driven crazy by the insane amount of times I call her every day.

So here's to all of the mothers out there!