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Sunday, February 10, 2008


So I was caught and I need to 'fess up. My friend, Hillary, left me a comment on my previous blog entry asking if I ever check the status of my wedding registries. The truth is, I am a registry stalker! I check my registries every day online to see if there has been any recent activity and sometimes I even add new items and take away things that I realize I don't really need or want anymore. It's so much fun!

I got lots of beautiful pieces from my "every day" pattern at last weekend's shower and most of them were a surprise.

Anyway, I cracked up when I read Hillary's comment and was relieved to know that I'm not the only bride-to-be who participates in this odd pre-wedding behavior. Thanks, Hill, for making me feel better!

We've got another shower coming up this weekend in Baton Rouge. Mrs. Reona Varnado, who kept me every day from the time I was six weeks old until I was 2 years old, is hosting a shower for us in Baton Rouge with my Great Aunt Helen, another very very sweet lady. Todd and I feel so honored to have so much love and support during this special time. I'm excited to see some old Baton Rouge church friends, neighbors, and some of my college girlfriends that have ended up in Baton Rouge. I'll try to lay off the registry websites so that I can be surprised. I think it's no secret that surprises aren't my favorite thing!