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Monday, February 25, 2008

oscar madness

I attended an Oscar party last night at an old roommate's house. All the guests were told to bring an Oscar-themed dish. I love themes, parties, cooking, and any excuse to come up with a cheesy tagline.

I decided to make Red Carpet Cupcakes-- it was really red velvet cupcakes. I also brought along about 12 packs of orange tic tacs in honor of Juno.

I was seriously impressed with some of the other themed food and drinks that my friends made. One of the girls was a film major and she gets really into the movies and award shows-- and she's a certified cheeseball!

We had:

No Cupcakes for Old Men
There Will Be Bloody Marys
Milkshakes (for There Will Be Blood)
JUNO(ior) AtoneMINTS (Junior Mints representing Juno and Atonement)

We had a great time and I won some silly prizes (bubbles and Play-Doh) for predicting the most wins in our Oscar ballots.

And if anyone is interested, my picks for best dressed are Jennifer Garner and Cameron Diaz.