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Monday, April 07, 2008

cake problem: SOLVED

Todd and I had such a great day in Greenville yesterday. We visited the gorgeous campus to look for beautiful photo spots, visited the hotel and the downtown area and then went to our cake maker's house to go over our cake options.

Ever since Abby at Style Me Pretty clued me in to April Reed's cakes, I've been a bit obsessed with their original, clean look. I took these photos to Patty and we decided to use both cakes.

The top cake is what our bridesmaid cake will look like, but it will have pink ribbon instead of green ribbon and the little bridesmaid charms will be coming out between the top and bottom layer. We're also going to use pink orchids instead of the lillies.

The bottom cake is a little what our wedding cake will look like. The cake will sit on a beautiful silver square plateau and that will be on top of a monogrammed runner with our new monogram. The cake will be pink instead of white and will have gold ribbon instead of brown. We will put two white peonies in a couple of the corners. It is very simple, but I know it will look great with everything else we've chosen for the reception.

Here's a picture of Todd and me just outside of the Charles E. Daniel chapel. Such a pretty day, but we needed our sunglasses!