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Monday, April 07, 2008

Carolina Crush

So you've all seen my weird entries on the horrible names that I've come up with for our signature drink at the wedding. I'm planning on posting the recipe and using the lace design again and framing the recipe with the name of the cocktail and putting it on the bar. After Saturday's visit to Greenville, I can now put this little issue behind us!

Last night Todd and I ate dinner at High Cotton, the restaurant where we're having our rehearsal dinner. I had their Greenville Cocktail with my supper and decided that THIS was our signature drink. It had South Carolina Firefly vodka, Madeira, lemonade, iced tea, mint infused simple syrup, and was served over crushed ice. It was a pretty yellow color, but I think I'm going to switch it to pink lemonade to have it go with our pink theme. I thought we'd call it the Carolina Cocktail, but my dear maid of honor, Catherine, suggested the Carolina Crush-- which sounds much more romantic.

Now I can put this to rest and know that we've decided on a really yummy drink with a really cute name!