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Monday, April 14, 2008

hubba hubba

This is totally non-wedding-related, but I had to share! Some of you may know this already, but a movie is being filmed in Columbia starring (my favorite) Jake Gyllenhaal and (not-so-favorite) Jessica Biel. It crossed my mind the other day that because they are sort of living in a house in my neighborhood and because Columbia isn't that big, I should begin watching out for celebrities! Today, I was driving out to the golf course at Cobblestone Park in Blythewood with three of my student volunteers and we were looking at a wedding book and talking weddings. We were stopped at a light about to turn right and three people came out into the cross walk and started crossing the street. One of the girls in the car screamed, "That's Jake Gyllenhaal!" And it was. White henley, nice jeans, and aviators. And Jake Gyllenhaal! I'm embarrassed to say that we all screamed like small children and there is no way he didn't hear us screaming. We could have reached out of the car windows and touched him-- just before getting arrested-- but we could have!

Anyway.... here's to a few more months of hoping for more Jake sightings!