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Friday, April 04, 2008

a small setback

A few readers asked how we were able to transfer the lace from Todd's mom's handkerchief into the design for the Save the Date, the invitation, and the program. We knew immediately that we wanted the paisley lace design to be the common theme throughout the whole wedding, but we had to have it photo ready, so we sent the hankie to Kelly Moore of Kelly Moore Photography (my photographer). She took pictures of the lace and the quality was good enough for the invitation company to use it on all of our print pieces.

We decided that we wanted to use that same design on our cake. Unforunately, our cake maker doesn't free hand her designs and we needed the lace design on the cake to look exactly like the hankie or else it would lose its whole effect. We found a company that makes fondant molds and sent the hankie to them. They returned the mold to us and it looked like it might actually work. I sent it to the cake maker and she called this week to let me know that it isn't going to look that great.

So now we're sort of back to square one with what our cake will look like. I know that it will be square because we bought a square plateau that I love. I'm going to Greenville to meet with the cake maker again on Sunday afternoon and hope we're able to come to an agreement. It's just so hard because I could visualize this perfect cake with our beautiful lace design on it. One thing's for sure... her cakes taste amazing, so it won't really matter what it looks like! Yeah.... right...