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Thursday, May 15, 2008

wedding weekend details

The honeymoon was wonderful and it was really sad to leave Maui, but I'm so excited to finally get to share some of the fun details of the wedding weekend with any of you who actually read this! I'll have to split this up into a few posts.

My parents and I got to Greenville on Wednesday before the wedding and were thrilled to have a night where we didn't have anything planned so we could get settled into our rooms. They rented a mini van and drove it from Dallas to South Carolina. It was full of all of the candy and the clear glass containers for the candy buffet. I also had to rent a mini van at the last minute to be able to transport all 62 of those welcome bags! My bridesmaids, the groomsmen, and a lot of our out of town friends arrived on Thursday night. We had a really laid back dinner with them and were happy to go to bed early.

The bridesmaid luncheon was held at the Loft at Soby's on Friday morning. My two aunts and my mom's two best friends hosted it for us and it was so much fun. My mom and I compiled pictures and she put together a DVD full of pictures of everyone at the luncheon; my friends, her friends, her friends' daughters, flower girls, MIL, Grand MIL, aunts, cousins, and so many more special Ya Yas! The food was amazing and the bridesmaid cake for the cake charms was so adorable.

I gave the girls their gifts. I got them the pink and brown medallion pattern tote and makeup bag from Toss and matching umbrellas. I haven't been able to share that fun information until now!

We pulled the little charms out of the bridesmaids' cake that Patty Cakes did for us. It was so delicious!