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Monday, July 21, 2008

close the curtains!

We finally got our living room draperies all installed on Friday! My mom works as an in home consultant for Calico Corners (an amazing fabric company) and our Christmas gift from her was custom draperies for our living room. It was a pretty big project, so we finally got the draperies in last week and got the installation completed on Friday.

Have I mentioned that I'm not working on Fridays anymore? At least until mid-August. The University offered an optional flexible schedule that allows employees to work their required hours Monday-Thursday and take Friday off. It was presented as a way for people to save gas. I live a mile from the office, so that's not really my problem. I just really like three day weekends and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity before classes begin in the fall. So I get to work at 7:30 a.m. now and leave at 5:30 p.m. Have I mentioned that I'm sleepy?

Anyway... the guy came to finish installing the draperies on Friday when I was at home and I'm so excited to show you the first nearly-completed room in our house. We're so excited to have the curtains! Our living room is full of windows and we have it grouped into two seating areas. Our TV is on one side and there are basically two walls of windows around the TV. The night we met our neighbor, she said, "I see you like American Idol." Um.... yes. Creepy Peeping Tom Lady. Now we can watch whatever we want without it becoming neighborhood news!

the view into our living room from the dining room

seating area #1 with our tie back draperies!

the front door

the view from just inside the front door

seating area #2-- the TV area. see all the windows??

a little peek into our kitchen-- and its mess!