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Sunday, July 20, 2008

shop shop shopping

Todd and I made the trek (90 miles) up to Charlotte today after church and lunch. I had a gift card to Kate Spade that I wanted to try and use. A lot of people are "over Kate Spade," but I'm a preppy girl and I love her bright colors and classic lines. Her paper goods are adorable and I'm always anxious to see what she designs each year.

Todd gave me this adorable green bag as my wedding gift and filled it with a couple of outfits to wear on our honeymoon in Maui.

Poor Todd. He told me after I opened it that he had a whole lotta trouble finding this bag. He called Kate Spade stores all over the country and checked the website daily until he finally gave up and ordered the black version of the bag and planned on explaining it all to me later and continue to make attempts to locate the green bag. Days before the wedding, he got a call from the Kate Spade store in Charlotte that the green bag had arrived and they would ship it overnight to Todd in Columbia. So here he is with two bags in two different colors. I got the green one and he attempted to return the black one about a month ago. Well, he had waited too long to return it, so they wrote a very nice letter to him and gave us a Kate Spade gift card instead. Lucky me! He probably should have saved the gift card and given it to me for Christmas.

When we showed up at the store today, Todd introduced himself and they all remembered talking to him a few months ago! They were excited to meet us and see the bag on my arm! My husband still goes on and on about the amazing people at Kate Spade stores all over the country and how friendly and customer oriented they are. I think he's willing to be their spokesperson if they ever ask.

I've needed a wallet for a long time now, so I went to use part of my gift card and hopefully find a wallet that I loved today. I picked this one out! Adorable, right?