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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

you're gonna be pop-u-lar

Don't you just love Wicked? "Popular" is without a doubt my favorite song from Wicked and that's how I feel today. I've been "tagged" today more than a slow runner in a game of duck duck goose!

Wearing Mascara and Learning to Be a Wife both tagged me.

Here are 7 random/weird/possibly unknown facts about me:

1. I have lived in three states, but have had 14 street addresses in my lifetime. We move around a lot!

2. My pinkies are permanently crooked. I was born missing a tendon and I've never been able to straighten my pinkies.

3. I still managed to play piano for 13 years despite my finger disability.

4. My cousin was Miss America 1987.

5. I was into musical theater in middle school and high school. I played Maria in West Side Story and dyed my hair jet black. It was horrible. Two years later I played Tuptim in The King and I and refused to dye my hair. I bought a black wig instead.

6. I can't stand for my food to touch. I would kill for those lunchroom style trays to compartmentalize my food.

7. I eat my waffles by following the lines. I cut along the grid. It's more organized that way.

Because so many people have already been tagged, I'm going to open this up to whoever would like to do it. Tag! You're all it!