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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

stealing my thunder?

I went home early today because I wasn't feeling well. Still feeling a little icky and in a funk since returning from Dallas. I was looking forward to curling up in the bed with the fan on high and taking a long nap.

Then I hear it. The sound of Boudreaux about to heave. Dog owners know what this sounds like. It sounds like you're shaking a gallon of milk around.

I jump up and it's too late. He lost his cookies. Or the remains of the tennis ball he'd been chewing on for a few hours. Oops.

I let him outside and he seemed to be fine. I went upstairs and went back to bed. Boudreaux never followed Fiona and me upstairs, so I went back down to check on him where I found that he'd done it again.

I was supposed to be the sick one, but my big guy stole my thunder. Good thing I love him so much.