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Saturday, January 17, 2009

19 weeks and 3 days bump!

I finally have a picture so you can all see how I'm progressing and so I can have a record of what I looked like when I was pregnant with Baby #1. So... all of you superstitious ladies... any thoughts on whether the baby is a boy or a girl based on the way I'm carrying him/her?

I'm standing in the future nursery for this picture. It's kind of a pig stye right now because we've started moving things out of it, but the dog crates are still in there. I'm not sure what Boudreaux and Fiona are going to say when we tell them they have to give up their room for the baby. Right now, they're still looking happy! (All pictures taken with the new Rebel-- and Boudreaux's eyes no longer reflect the camera flash)

On another note, please lift up Kelly, Scott, and baby girl Harper of Kelly's Korner in your prayers. There have been some complications after Harper's arrival yesterday. Visit Kelly's blog for the full story by clicking on the "Praying for Harper" button in my sidebar.