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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

today's the day!

I woke up this morning to a mix of about twenty different feelings and emotions. It feels the way Christmas did when I was a little girl and couldn't wait to see what Santa brought me. It also feels the way the first day of school used to when I'd repeatedly tell my mom how nervous I was and how I was sure I was going to be sick.

I've got my 20 week ultrasound today-- at almost 21 weeks pregnant! We're going to see the baby again and I'm so excited, but I'm nervous. I've been praying for this baby my whole life, but real specifically praying for this life for 20 weeks. The whole thing feels surreal. I will know by 3:00 today whether this little person that will spend the next 18 years living with us (maybe a little more) and changing our lives for the better is a boy or a girl!

It's one of those things that I never thought would happen like "I'll never be old enough to get married" and "I'll never be old enough to have a baby." The day is here. We've reached that point in our lives!

I haven't posted a poll yet, so I'd love to hear what you think. Is Baby Carroll a girl or a boy?

I'll let you know later today as soon as I can get back to a computer after the appointment.

Note: A new reader left a comment yesterday asking if Carroll was going to be the baby's name. Carroll is our last name.