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Monday, January 26, 2009

you got the baby!

I'm having my first serious craving. I've craved other things lately like Za's three cheese pizza, chocolate ice cream, and chips and salsa. Those cravings weren't too intense, though, because I'm able to satisfy the craving within minutes.

Now that Mardi Gras is almost here, I know that it's King Cake season and I. Want. One. Now. I don't care if it's filled with cream cheese, strawberry, strawberry and cream cheese, pecan praline, apple, or not filled with anything at all. I just want a King Cake. The only problem is that I can't get one in Columbia right now.

My fingers are all ready to click "order" on the Gambino's website. And I may as well order five or six full King Cakes, right? If I eat the whole cake and then I get the baby, then I'll have to provide the next cake, and I'll get the baby again. Then I'll have to provide the next cake and... This could go on and on and I'm fine with that!

My husband has never been to New Orleans and I don't think that it's the best idea to take him down there for Mardi Gras while I'm pregnant. I've already told him that next February when Baby Carroll is 8 months old that we'll head down there for the celebrations and he can experience New Orleans in all its crazy Mardi Gras glory.

Are there any other displaced Louisiana girls that plan to have Mardi Gras parties in their current towns?