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Thursday, March 19, 2009

home alone...

My dear husband is traveling to Lexington, Virginia this weekend to speak to some law students at his law school alma mater. He leaves tonight and doesn't return until Saturday night. I've made sure to have plenty of things going on because I will definitely be missing him. The only good part about him being gone is that I will have our big bed all to myself and these days I need it!

We have a women's conference going on at church on Friday night and Saturday morning, so I'll be there with my Sunday school friends for most of the weekend. I'm coming down with a yucky cold and allergy attack that has been brought on by all of the pollen floating around. I hope to get lots of sleep in the next few days.

I just received Season 1 of Damages on Netflix, so I think I'll spend the evening watching that. I've heard great things about it from my parents and cousin and think I'll like it. The last thing I need, though, is a new show to be addicted to. Anyone else watch Damages? What do you think?