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Friday, April 17, 2009

weekend plans

My major event for the year is next Thursday and Friday and I have two minor events on Monday and Tuesday. It will be a pretty hectic week, so I'm really looking forward to this weekend and getting a chance to do whatever I want and relax.

Todd and I are going to see State of Play tonight. I love Rachel McAdams and I've never gotten over my ninth grade crush on Ben Affleck. I'm sure we'll eat dinner at some cheesy chain restaurant near the movie theater.

We're having dinner tomorrow night with a couple of friends from Sunday school at Mr. Friendly's, my favorite restaurant. I'll probably spend some of the day tomorrow at work either grading papers or working on event day timelines to give to everyone out at the golf course. I only have to work on the weekend about three times a year and I always dread it. I know I'll feel much better on Monday if I just get it over with this weekend, though.

I had a beautiful lunch shower at the Motor Supply Company today and we had so much fun! I gave the hostesses gift certificates for massages and I'm hopeful they'll invite me to join them-- and I'll cash in on my prenatal massages! Baby Boy Carroll got some great gifts today! I love it when people give us their favorite baby gift or favorite baby book. Then there are those gifts that we need like the Diaper Champ and the Mobile Activity Mat. We're getting really close to being all set and ready for a baby!

Have a great weekend, friends!