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Monday, May 04, 2009

say hello to my little friend

I'd like to introduce all of you to my anniversary present:

Isn't it beautiful? My husband is too good to me! Very similar to my reaction to my new handbag, I haven't worn it yet because I'm afraid to. I also haven't had it fitted yet, so I don't want the extra linkage to be clanking around on my desk all day.

You all should know some background on my timepiece collection, though.

Back in the eighth grade, I begged my parents for a Swiss Army watch. I saw it at a store and absolutely loved it. It was around Christmastime and my dad kept telling me, "Erin, you're not old enough or responsible enough to have a nice watch like that."

I had one present under the tree that Christmas and it was my Swiss Army watch!

Even now, when I see pictures of this watch I love it. I have worn that watch every day (except when the battery is dead and I'm too lazy to get it replaced) since the eighth grade. Christmas of 1995 until today!

I'm not trying to prove that I "deserved" a new watch, but I am quite proud of myself for being "responsible enough" to have a nice watch like that for so many years.