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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Christmas stocking update...

I posted a few weeks ago about looking for Christmas stockings. I found some adorable stockings from Horchow by Krinkles. The only problem is they were $65 a piece. I didn't think we needed to spend that on the Christmas stockings.

I definitely wanted stockings that were playful and young-looking because my tree decorations are bright green, purple, blue, pink, red, and yellow. Our stockings needed to be just as youthful.

I found the stockings below at Pottery Barn Kids and decided to order 5 of them. We'll use them when my family stays at our house for Christmas. It was easier to buy a few now and use two for the dogs and not have to search for matching stockings later if we ever decide to have children.

The stockings arrived yesterday and they are wonderful! They're as long as my arm and are so thick. I wasn't sure how great the quality would be since they were only $19.00, but I love them and I am so pleased with them! The corduroy detailing on the character stockings is so cute and the blue Santa stocking is my favorite.