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Monday, January 19, 2009

lazy Monday

I didn't do anything today, so this post is going to be a little scattered.

1. Todd and I attended our new Sunday school class for the first time yesterday. I'm so excited because it's just for newlyweds and I'm already committed a ladies weekly Bible study and lots of upcoming gatherings for the Super Bowl, a ladies retreat, Valentine's Day, etc. And to make it even more exciting, I just found out that Elizabeth from No Worries Wynn in Love and her husband go to the same church that we do and will be joining our class! We've yet to meet in person, but we will soon!

2. Snow is coming to Columbia tonight/early tomorrow morning. I doubt that USC will cancel classes/work, but it's always a possibility. It never snows here. We got a little bit lat year, but it didn't stick.

3. I'm getting so anxious about finding out the sex of the baby. It's hard because I'm reading other blogs where they've already found out the gender and they're a week behind me. We go in on January 27 and I promise to let you all know as soon as I know. I'm also worried because I pretty much know my boy name, but can't decide on a girl name. I know I don't have to until the baby arrives, but I just want to be prepared. My instinct has kind of been telling me that Baby Carroll is a girl, but I could be totally wrong.

4. I didn't make it to see Doubt or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button this weekend. I don't want to go tonight because I like to be at home the night before I go back to work after having a few days off. And The Bachelor and Gossip Girl come on tonight, so why would I leave the house?

5. The armoire that you can see in the background on this post was just taken to be refinished and repaired. I plan to use it in the nursery. They're going to repair it, take off the top two doors so I can leave it open for books and frames, and then we're going to paint it black. The inside of the shelves will be green or pink depending on the sex of the baby. I promise to post pictures when it's finished.

I think that's a good little summary for now. I'm hitting a bit of a writer's block. I'm sure it's because most of my thoughts are consumed with, "I wonder if it's a boy or a girl." Believe me, I'd love to have something else really interesting to think about.